´╗┐Bubbles, Manias & Frauds

An in-depth dive on the history of speculation, financial markets, and fraud.

History is an invaluable compass.

It is not a road-map with clearly defined routes for navigating the future based on historical events. Instead, history is an invaluable compass for steering investors in the right direction amid uncertain times. By studying historical patterns that have repeated for centuries we can better position ourselves for what lies ahead. Using case studies from multiple centuries, this course is designed to help investors identify modern bubbles, manias, and instances of fraud through a historical and analytical framework.

Case Studies on America's Greatest Frauds

Legendary short-seller and avid historian Jim Chanos provides detailed case studies on his greatest shorts. Obviously, this includes his most famous short: Enron. A masterclass lecture in short-selling and fraud.

Historical & Analytical Frameworks

John Turner is co-author of Boom and Bust, one of the Financial Times' 2020 Books of the Year. Turner's lecture teaches the Bubble Triangle framework for identifying conditions that often produce bubbles.

Jamie Catherwood

Also known as "The Finance History Guy", Jamie has a deep passion for studying the past.

He has been invited to provide historical context on BloombergTV, the Bloomberg Odd Lots Podcast, and as a guest lecturer at the Yale School of Management.

His Twitter account is a recommended follow by the Wall Street Journal for financial history, and 10,000+ subscribers receive his Investor Amnesia newsletter every week.


  Jim Chanos - 25 Years Of US Financial Fraud: The Greatest Hits
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  William Goetzmann - The South Sea Bubble
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  John Turner - The 19th Century Brewery Boom
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  Scott Nations - A History of the United States in Five Crashes
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  Anne Murphy - The 17th Century Tech Bubble
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  Andrew Odlyzko - Railway Mania
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  Gertjan Verdickt - How People Invest & Diversification
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Taught By Legendary Investors, Bestselling Authors & World Class Professors

Jim Chanos

Founder, Kynikos Associates

Anne Murphy

Professor, University of Hertfordshire

William N. Goetzmann

Professor, Yale School of Management

John D. Turner

Professor, Queens University Belfast

Gertjan Verdickt

Lecturer, Monash Business School

Scott Nations

President, Nations Indexes

Dr. Andrew Odlyzko

Professor, University of Minnesota

Course Benefits

- 6+ hours of content, 37 videos, 7 fascinating topics.

- Masterclass lectures from investment legends, world class professors, and best selling authors.

- Self paced course with lifetime access.